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      Youll see more of him, now youre here, said Lady Lilias. And I am sure She checked herself. What a pretty dress that is! she said, looking at Esmeralda, rather than the dress. I suppose it is the very latest fashion. You must have beautiful taste.

      He pressed her in. For an instant she stood while the carriage turned, a hand outstretched toward the standard, saying to Hilary something that was drowned by huzzas; then despairingly she sank into her seat and was gone down Royal Street.

      Ill wear anything you like, said Esmeralda.


      As Esmeralda entered the hall, Ada Lancing came down the stairs. Esmeraldas heart beat fast and then seemed to stop, but Lady Ada came toward her with a smile and a pleasant, unembarrassed greeting. She would have offered to kiss her, but Esmeralda stood away from her a little and only offered her hand. Lady Ada looked at her with an instants scrutiny, then went to Trafford.Pears to me, Varley, said Taffy, as Varley missed a point which would have won the game for him, that youd better chuck up cards and take to dominoes. Theyre a nice, child-like game, and dont make no call on your brain. Or how would skittles suit you? Mr. Varley Howard presents his compliments to the nobility an gentry of Three Star an other camps, an begs to inform em that, findin cards too much for his constitootion, he has opened a saloon for skittles an other infant games, where he opes to meet his former patrons at hop-scotch an peg-top. No playin for money allowed.


      "What! to say. Don't see her to-night?"


      You have every right to ask me that question, Mr. Howard. It is my duty to answer. I have come in search of my wife.